I was so happy when I found Julians Bloomington Drum Circle. He has created a creative space for people of different modalities to co-create and explore together. I felt especially interested in joining because of the way he prepares and guides participants by pointing out what we should pay attention to in the process and also opening up for group feedback. By doing this and by offering a consistent weekly practice he shows lots of wisdom and experience to lead this kind of practice.

I had the privilege of leading a Breathwork session with Julian playing the score for this embodied experience. He took participants on a powerful sound journey. He was present, so aware and so responsive to the energy of the room. Masterful! You can use whatever you like and correct any spelling mistakes and use my name. Amy Burrell Let me know if you need anything else. So looking forward to being at the next circle. It will be on the 26 th Also I’ll get in touch about future breathwork sessions, including the one with the silks.