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Julian Douglas – Instructor

Julian Douglas brings more than 25 years of experience playing and teaching world percussion. While taking inspiration from world percussion and drumming traditions, Julian’s approach to music centers on the creative process and authentic expression. Along with instrumental technique and some examples of traditional vocabulary, students will learn the theory of rhythm and how to express themselves on the drum. These skills are equally valuable whether the goal is to take up or deepen a personal creative practice, or to enhance skills and vocabulary for performance. Currently lessons are available in Bloomington, Indiana or online. Workshops are available everywhere! Get in touch to schedule a lesson or an event




While his ability to express music is a high mastery, he makes music so accessible, allowing to understand, to feel it as something so innate to all of us! What i love the most, one does not need to be a musician to benefit from his ways of sharing musical experience! You will for sure discover the art of listening to music. — Natalia


he has a talent for developing a collaborative space for creative expression. I have enjoyed participating in circles where he has facilitated space for everyone to tune in the the rhythms being played by others and contribute in their own way. — Beth


As a collaborator, I found Julian engaged with a passion and drive for music and dance. Throughout my time working with Julian I appreciated his global perspective with an interest in exploring the power of music and dance. His creative approach was indicative of this...


I strongly recommend any being wanting to connect deeper, authentically, to their own natural rhythm -empowered, to partake and co-create in a transformational journey facilitated by him for a profound exploration and deep inner experience. — Maalika


He has a unique ability to inspire people with his percussion playing, getting people on their feet, and feeling the joy of life through music, movement, and dance. — Eduard


Personally I have not only developed as a percussionist, but as a person thanks to meeting Julian and all the others in the drum/dance circle. — Dustin


I felt especially interested in joining because of the way he prepares and guides participants by pointing out what we should pay attention to in the process and also opening up for group feedback. By doing this and by offering a consistent weekly practice he shows lots of wisdom and experience to lead this kind of practice. — Amy


Julian's rhythms move like water in all its manifestations. The dance is effortless, the dancer is buoyed and transcends. -- Jill

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