I began drumming after a friend introduced me at a festival last year. I instantly became very interested, but as a newcomer it was difficult to find an instructor to learn from. YouTube videos and my inner drive were my only tools at that time. I returned to a different festival at the same location and that’s where I first met Julian Douglas. After playing a couple of marathon sessions over the course of the festival Julian had no doubt recognized my infantile understanding of what I was involved. He approached me as I was leaving and offered to give me lessons. I was very grateful for the opportunity and happily accepted.

Shortly after that experience Julian started our local drum/dance circle that enables anyone to practice and co-create every week! Now that I’ve had the privilege to participate in several of these circles I’ve fallen in love with drumming and co-creating rhythms. The circle is incredibly warm and inviting. Julian is very skilled on many instruments and sets a strong rhythm to join. He also gives freely of his knowledge, offering timely advice. Personally I have not only developed as a percussionist, but as a person thanks to meeting Julian and all the others in the drum/dance circle. For me, drumming is spiritual and I am grateful to have found a group of like minded individuals. I can’t express enough gratitude to Julian for putting this thing together. I truly believe that everyone could benefit from these types of experiences.